Willow Groove

Willow Groove is a series of stories related to a small isolated town in the middle of Wyoming. It was founded in the 1878 by the patriarch’s of four families as an refuge from the ills back east. Over the years the population has grown and developed, but the town has held on to it’s unique traditions and practices.

Many of the traditions and practices originated when the town was very young and struggling to stay alive. Many worked so well that they were never changed over the years. On of the earliest practices still used is physical punishment for crimes & social offenses. Since jails were not practical in a frontier town, men were punished via community labor while corporal punishment was used on women. The fairness, and effectiveness of such punishments kept them popular until today. There’s nothing like two dozen strokes with a cane to prevent shoplifting.

The main story line revolves around Amber Shue as she moves from New York City to this small town where she has significant family connections to attend their local university. While she earns her degree, she learns about herself, her family and obviously gets spanked.

Series Content:

Willow Groove – Returning To Her Roots

Willow Groove – Establishing a New Society


Amber Shue – Main Character,

David Marshall – Founding Father of Willow Groove, First Mayor

Thomas Wingate – Founding Father of Willow Groove

John Washington – Founding Father of Willow Groove

Andrew Lee – Founding Father of Willow Groove

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